A three minute video about what I do with BBC Three!

When asked by BBC Three to be part of their ‘Amazing Humans’ series, I panicked. To be honest being considered anything more than a ‘slightly okay’ human being is something I struggle with immensely so seeing my face appear under this title is something that didn’t completely sit well. My way of justifying it is, the people who I write letters too – you are the amazing humans, your strength and your stories and your willingness to share them with me are what is amazing and when I think about it like that appearing on it wasn’t as scary at all because it was representing you.
And you, are incredible.


One thought on “A three minute video about what I do with BBC Three!”

  1. Wow…..I’m an Academic wondering and stressing how my work can make a difference and I saw your BBC video. It blew me away. What YOU are doing is the most amazing thing EVER because it has truth and humanity. I recently lost a friend who stepped off the kerb. I wish I could have written him a letter in time. YOU are making a difference. Thank you

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