(photo by Emma Case)

Hey! I’m Jodi,

One Million Lovely Letters started eight years ago on a night in February 2013 where everything got extremely dark and I was planning to end my life. I’d been ill for quite some time and paired with some nasty depression I just wanted an escape from my head. Hindsight is a tricksy little thing and right now I can see it was the situation and those feelings I wanted to escape from, not my life but at the time I was so in it and so desperate. My Mum had made me download some apps on my phone, silly ones to distract my head – one was getting cartoon girls ready for a night out, the whole thing, getting their hair done and nails, etc. Whilst in the darkest of moments, my phone vibrating with an alert to get the dolls ready for their big night, it made me laugh, it was a distraction. I know it sounds unrealistic to say the app saved my life, it didn’t, but the distraction at that moment from where my head was at was the start of One Million Lovely Letters and that did save my life, truly. I thought about the other people at that moment when the darkness feels utterly overwhelming and you need a glimmer of light. I don’t have the skills to fix anything but maybe I could be a torch on the walk home. I sent a call out on Facebook & Twitter, saying if anyone needed a hug in an envelope to email me and I would handwrite them a lovely letter. I thought maybe a couple of friends would message, but overnight 200 people did and since then nearly 5000 lovely letters have been written. A lovely letter isn’t crammed full of advice, how-to’s or what you should do’s. It’s a reminder of all the wonder you are, that you aren’t on your own and that you are so, so loved. Nothing is too silly or too wild, I won’t be taken aback by your letter requests, it’s been a long time and I’ve read thousands of life stories in the walls of my inbox, it’s been one of the greatest honours of my life to be trusted with them. If you or anyone you know needs reminding of their wonder, you can email me at onemillionlovelyletters@gmail.com or you can fill in the form below, please remember to include your address so I can send the letter in the post to you.

I hope today has been a gentle one,

Love, Jodi x

Please could I have a lovely letter..