OMLL update!

IMG_0855 Hi Everybody! It’s been a really wild few months and I can now announce that One Million Lovely Letters has a team who I am slowly (but surely) introducing to all of you via the MEET THE TEAM page. I am so, so excited to have people on board – I could never of imagined what OMLL has become and now with 40 volunteers and an awesome right hand lady, we will be able to keep up with the volume of letters (currently 13,000!) coming into the inbox! The project is honestly my most favourite thing in the world and to be able to get others involved and share the magic of it is just incredible. Each and every letter requests is treated with the upmost confidentiality, care and love and each team member has had their own storms, your letter requests are in the safest hands. I have also run a few workshops which have been absolutely wonderful. One took place in a girls school where 180 teenage girls created packages of lovely letters for other teenage girls who needed reminding how amazing they are from all around the world, they were just gorgeous! I’m also going to be setting up an Etsy for the OMLL card collection, I’ve had so much fun doodling over the last few weeks! Okay, now I must dash I’m currently knee deep in glitter, biro and letter requests and I’m on season 3 of The Mindy Project. Lots and Lots of love, Jodi xx


One thought on “OMLL update!”

  1. Would love to say I recieved one of ur lovely letters this am was so thrilled!! I’ve had a tough time and it put a smile on my face!!

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