A massive thankyou to everybody who helped with my Kickstarter, I am more grateful than you’ll ever know – OMLL has now been funded for the next year and I will work my little socks off to make sure it continues for all of  the years to come! I am so looking forward to getting more people involved in the project and being able to share the magic that I get to experience from it every single day.

A huge special thank you for their generosity and belief in the project!

Scott Oehler, Lauren Day, Jennifer Iydick, Craig Peters, Richard Hawkins, Kevan Jones, Nikki Bi, Anthony Parry, Catherine Dunn, Matthew Knight, Rob Jelly, Nick McCloud, Frank Arif, Jonathan Testa, Richard Craven, Sue Gallon, Cythia Savage, Andrew Smith, Andrea Binda, Phuong Kim Ngo, Liesl McMurray, Richard Bishop, Bill Babcock, Roberta Raye, Thomas Schafer, Charlotte Mcafee, Maria, Owain Woodall, Immy Kaur, Nicola and Marcus James.


3 thoughts on “Kickstarter!”

  1. Jodi I have just seen you on surprise surprise and just wiped away my tears….you are an absolutely an amazing person….keep up the bloody good work….x

  2. Jodie, having watched surprise surprise through tears of joy i felt i must right and say you are so special to the people of this world, your family friends and everyone that may not even know you but you have the time to listen write and care.

    god bless and happy writing and thank god the stamps Rm gave you are self adhesive lol love hugs andy

  3. stepping off the curb made me cry with happiness. nobody has made me feel like that before, just with your words, i feel so much better now.

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