Meet the Team!

10653651_320374531491490_4556641674748955457_njodi ann bickley – Founder & head of all things letters (UK)

Jodi started One Million Lovely Letters in February 2013. Since she first launched the lovely letters inbox she has handwritten over 3000 letters to people all over the world. Her first book One Million Lovely Letters became a Sunday Times Bestseller and she once cuddled Philip Schofield. You can follow her on twitter HERE. She also makes little greeting cards which you can see and buy HERE. 

image1  Hannah – Lovely Letter Writer (UK)

Hannah is a gorgeous mother of one and runs an online boutique which you can have a little look at HERE. Letters have always been a part of Hannah’s world and now she is part of the OMLL team she is looking forward to spreading her loveliness even further!

20140330_125730 Naomi –  Lovely Letter Writer (UK)

Naomi is an incredible mother to a 13 year old girl and 5 year old cocker spaniel. She has battled and overcome anorexia and is ready to spread her immense strength and positivity through her letters.

MargMargaret – Lovely Letter Writer (UK)

Margaret has been very happily married for 38 years. She is a fantastic mother and nanny to four! She has always written letters and has had pen friends all over the world! She has a huge heart and is a perfect addition to the OMLL team!

photoHepz – Lovely Letter Writer (UK)

Hepz is a superwoman – a mother and CEO with the strength of an ox! She wants to be able to give people that little nudge of confidence in their moments of doubt and she is simply brilliant at it.

Profile Picture (1)Rebecca – Lovely Letter Writer (UK)

Rebecca is incredible! She is studying for her PHD and is an international speaker (TEDx). She believes in people and their strength and understands it’s hard to deal with this big ol’ world at times. She wants to reach out a spread positive energy in to the world through her letters!

imageABBIE – Lovely Letter Writer (Uk)

Abbie has a huge heart and whether she be caring for someone at work or running for charity her amazing spirit is apparent always! She is an amazing asset to the OMLL team.

image1Bronwen – Lovely Letter Writer (Australia)

Bronwen has many strings to her beautiful bow! She is a social worker, fitness/bodybuilding model and costumer designer. She has a chronic immunological condition previously treated with chemotherapy that she now manages through health and lifestyle, she’s made of extremely strong stuff and we’re proud to have her on the OMLL team!

IMG_4176Christine H – Lovely Letter Writer (UK)

Christine is a wonderful soul. Her letters are absolutely beautiful, full of wisdom and love. I am so glad she could fit writing lovely letters in amongst all of her other hobbies including reading, cooking and swimming!

photo (1)Christine P – Lovely Letter Writer (UK)

Christine is as gorgeous inside as she is out! Her letters are little rays of sunshine and hope. She has a pretty massive crush on Benedict Cumberbatch and animals, a good book and her beloved Aston Villa Football Club.

Lots more to be added! 


98 thoughts on “Meet the Team!

  1. I also have a lot of time on my hands and sometimes forget that I can do more rather than wait for the next event.
    What a good idea Jodie x

  2. I love you! Does that sound creepy? It isn’t meant to be. I mean I love your good heart, your loveliness. Just reading your website gives me a lift. ❀

  3. I have just recieved on of your lovely letters, the two days before going to court to have my home repossessed, and though I have tried to remain positive your letter , though ti made me cry, really helped.

    I want to say thank you.
    Houses come and go, but love is what really matters and that is what I will hold onto on the day.
    Blessings to you

  4. Your support and love for everyone is inspirational, just reading your website has cheered me up. This is such a special thing to do, I hope you realise how lovely you are too πŸ™‚ xxx

  5. Just seen this on twitter..I love the fact that you are committed to sending letters to people, with love. God blessed you with a big heart Girl…You remind us that there are people out there such as yourself, that is full of love for others. Through you adversity, you have reached out….. ‘ WHAT A WONDERFUL THING TO DO’ !! I wish you only joy and love…xx

  6. This is such a beautiful idea. I received a letter out of the blue today, with your website written on the back of the envelope, but signed with another name. Not sure if it was a friend of yours? Either way, it was very touching and so is your story. You’re a real inspiration and I wish you all the best. I’d love to write to you too, if you accept letters in return? Take care, Hannah

  7. I wish there would be more people like you in the world, it is not easy to remain positive and strong when one goes through a bad illness, I am glad you appreciate what you have, this is a great idea! πŸ™‚

  8. Jodi, you are doing great things. I hope you will always feel that people love you too, and there are no strangers in the world. Lots of hugs to you

  9. I’ve just read your story in the DM; absolutely fantastic like ‘random acts of kindness’, such an inspiration, may you have a speedy recovery.

  10. Hi Jodie,

    I’ve just been forwarded your link by my friend who said to take a look.

    I’m so glad I did. You are honestly such a gorgeous person inside and out. So selfless and kind. You’ve taken a bad situation and made it good. You’re an inspiration!

    Like you, I have been blessed with extra time recently. I try not to dwell on my misfortune and although sometimes I find that hard, I realise there is others who would kill for my life. That is all I need to give me the kick up the arse I deserve. I’ve recently started up a book blog to keep me occupied. Books are my passion and have helped me out so much mentally since becoming disabled.

    I was wondering if you would allow me to put your website link on my links page for others to see what a gorgeous thing it is you are doing.

    Seriously I am in awe of you

    All my love

    Natalie McCormack x

  11. Hi Jodie, what a lovely idea and so thoughtful. Sometimes when we feel sad, small or vulnerable, a few nice words can make all the difference. Keep doing what you’re doing and good luck in your continuing recovery. All the best, C x

  12. Hi there, I have just read your page.Im not writting to get a letter as I believe you deserve a million lovely letters.You are courageous, , have balls , strong , kind nd passionate about writting. I can really emphasise with you, Ive just turned 40 was in the height of my nursing career and have Crohns which has left me unable to work. I spend alot time in bed and wear morphine patches. Your right about the good days, i also try to cram everything in, as no 2 days are the same. I miss caring for people and now being a patient instead of a nurse has really opened my eyes. Anyway this is really not about me, I just want to say i really admire your inner strength and words can be so healing to people- so keep up the good work. Hope things improve for you and wish there was more people in the world like you!!
    Take care
    P.S Love your tats !

  13. As a surprise recipient of one of your letters I want to thank you for touching my heart. People like you light up the world. I wish you light, love and strength, Fiona x

  14. You are a lovely angel on earth.I wish you the very best.!!! I wish I had a chance to meet you personally. With love and respect from the bottom of my heart.
    Take care

  15. what an absolutely joyful idea!
    the power of the human spirit.
    thank you for reminding me of the wonderful power of humanity, our search for meaning and hope for all. I sincerely hope the lovely letters you generously write, return to you joy, energy and positivity ten-fold.

  16. heard you on bbc wm. thought i could help by sending over some stamps. is there an address you could send me it would be ok to send them too please? keep up the good work!! abigail

  17. you are amazing and I hope you yourself receive many many letters letting you know how great you are πŸ™‚

  18. Jodi, I’ve no idea how you heard about me but your letter today was a completely unexpected yet fabulous surprise. I was brought to tears to think that someone had made that effort to lift my spirits. I pray that God blesses you, that more people’s damaged and troubled souls can be healed by your words and that you realise the same joy that your simple act of kindness has given to me.
    Thank you so much.
    Jeni x

  19. hello jodi,,,u an angel on earth,,,am glad that i finally got ur email…since today i ve been reading ur fan’s comments and also ur lovely words.i need ur good ideas as am in search of a woman to call my one and only,,,but am an introvert,,,and caring man,,,i need to learn more about expression of emotional feelings help me and put me thru,,,this my email id………

  20. Dear Jodi,

    I received the lovely letter you wrote me last week, with which you also included messages from a year 4 class. I have to say, it is the most inspirational and beautiful thing anyone has ever done for me, and immediately brought tears to my eyes. I just wanted to thank YOU for being amazing, I’m planning to frame your letter as well as the messages from the kids to remind me that life is precious, every day.

    Thank you so much,
    Sam xxx

  21. This is just an incredible thing to do and you have honestly inspired me to do something to help anyone I can in any way. You are a beautiful person.

  22. And you, Jodi are an amazing person. You are an inspiration and you shine the light in the lives of many πŸ™‚ God bless you. Always.

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