45 thoughts on “Letters

  1. Hi Jodi,

    I’ve just read your story online and I think you rock. All the best with your health and I hope you continue on the road to recovery.

    You’ve really touched my heart and I think what you are doing is great – I know how touched I am when someone does something nice for me

    With much love,

    Lauren x

  2. Well done Jodi! I have just read an article about you on The Daily Mail. If only people had a fraction of your consideration for others this world would be a much better place! It is astonishing how you, a total stranger, could come up with so many words of encouragement for people you do not really know whilst perhaps their family and friends never spare a moment for a compliment or support. You are doing an honorable and humane thing. I wish you the best of luck and do not forget that besides giving support you need support too! You are a brave young woman! Such an inspiration!Best of luck for the future!

    Pat from Malta

  3. Jodi
    I read abot you this morning and cannot believe how truly wonderful you are.
    Thinking about you.
    Big Hugs
    Melboune Australia

  4. Dear Jodi
    We just read your story in the Daily Mail and want to say that you are lovely and we hope that you are getting lots of loveliness and snuggles heap upon you today (and lots more days).

    I have had M.E. And FMS for the last ten years and know some of the frustration of having the good days, the many not so good days, and the horizontal days, and i just so admire you for using this ‘gift of time’ to shine light and lovliness into peoples lives.

    Thank you for being so special and for sharing your specialness with the planet.

    Lots of love and fluffy snuggles from Oliver the Wonder Dog and his Mummy in NZ

  5. I do not feel happy, I have a lot of problems …. with children who are at a difficult age to work …. because the time in which we live is difficult …

  6. Dear Jodi,

    I hope there is someone out there who occasionally sends you a letter, letting you know how fab YOU are.


  7. Hello Jodi you are awesome strong girl god bless you i can’t belive how strong you are please write something to me am from Bulgaria sorry for my bad english

  8. Hello Jodi. I have a child with special needs. So difficult to take care of her but so wonderful to live with her!!! I imagine that you are a wonderful person to all the people who loves you too. I don’t need a lovely letter. People like you are lovely enough to make me smile!!! Thank you 😉

  9. What a lovely idea. I bet people who have found the letters have been really lifted by them and those who have asked for them have probably felt better just for having told you about it.

  10. Thank you Jodi! I today received one of your letters which was requested for me by a friend without my knowing. I have since found your website to be able to learn about you or what you do. I think you are one in a million and thank you for my little hug in an envelope, it arrived on a very poignant day so couldn’t have been any better timed to have had the impact it has. I wish you well xx

  11. Thank you so much Jodi! I just received one of your letters! it made me a bit sad because you mentioned my daughters wedding- her partner of 11 years walked out on her 3 weeks before the wedding 😦 but your letter made me smile- thank you xxx

  12. Hello lovely Jodi 🙂

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for being a such a kind and wonderful person and for sprinkling a little bit of love and happiness throughout the world. I received a letter off you a few days ago and it is beautiful. Everytime I’m feeling a little blue or when I struggle to see any good in my life I will look at it and think of you and it will make me smile 🙂 Thank you again Jodi for being such a special and inspirational person!

    Wishing you all the very best
    Hannah xx

  13. Hello lovely Jodi

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for being a such a kind and wonderful person and for sprinkling a little bit of love and happiness throughout the world. I received a letter off you a few days ago and it is beautiful. Everytime I’m feeling a little blue or when I struggle to see any good in my life I will look at it and think of you and it will make me smile Thank you again Jodi for being such a special and inspirational person!

    Wishing you all the very best
    Hannah xx

  14. Jodi:
    Your letter arrived today, and with it, a sprinkle of your beautiful soul. I was so moved by your kindness and generous spirit, I read it three times out loud. I will carry a copy with me so as to keep your advice nearby:
    “Life is full of stops, starts, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed–it means one chapter is done—another is about to start. The world is yours…you are in charge of your happiness.”
    Brilliant. You are amazing.
    Thank you, my friend. Sending lots of love and encouragement back you way.
    Meg C.

  15. I received my lovely letter today and it was truely beautiful. It was amazing how the words of a stranger seemed so personal. It lifted my week in ways you could not imagine. Thank you xx

  16. Just listened to your Tedx talk. You are such a beautiful inspiring woman, making the world a better place. Love and more love to you xx

  17. Hi Jodi,

    Have just listened to your talk through my lunch break and I just wanted to say that I think you are amazing! Life can be difficult, and I also know how it feels to be fine running through life and then suddenly everything changes in a single moment!

    You a true inspiration so thank you 🙂 xxx

  18. Hi J,

    You sent me a lovely letter moons ago. I was going through a hard time battling depression, a seven year relationship that had broken up and severe anxiety and figuratively, crippling panic attacks which left me lying on my bed for six months solid. I didn’t open my letter straight away, I opened it when I felt like I needed it most (weeks later) It really changed my perception and gave me that kick that I needed.

    I also watched your Ted Talks video which I had a little cry at, I know “boys don’t cry” but there you are. I had no idea that, at one point, you were as upset, down in the dumps, and feeling as hopeless as I. I want you to know that YOU are loved, valued and an invigoration to us who need the help.

    If you ever need pencils, paper or envelopes to continue the selfless work that you do, please don’t hesitate to email me.

    Many thanks,


  19. Hi Jodi, I received one of your letters yesterday – thank you so much. It was a beautiful letter, the words were so uplifting and it brought a tear to my eye. Whenever my depression kicks in I’m going to read it and it will remind me that I can beat it. Thank you so much.
    You are a truly wonderful person with a big heart. Karen xx

  20. Dear Jodie,
    I also am struggling with my own long term illness epilepsy. I also have a cyst in my brain. This all came out of the blue in 2012 for me. I have been left to bring up three daughters by myself and I am struggling to deal with my brother who has a terminal illness and will not be around much longer. I have had some very dark days. If it were not for the support of my friends and my beautiful lovley daughters I would be in a deeper state of despair. I have also had the support of one special person but she has now just walked out of my life leaving me feeling very this is one more loss I just can’t take and feel it’s taken me to the edge.Then I have seen what you have done and I realise I must do what you say do one nice thing everyday no matter how small and try and remain upbeat and positive LIKE YOU

  21. Hello!
    I don’t have my own website yet, as I am so busy at college! I am 16, and live in Yorkshire. I adore the little things you do for everyone out there, just simply writing a note to brighten up their day. I remember when I broke up with my ex, I begged my Mum to write be a note to cheer me up! I love to write, wherever I am. I love books as well, in my art classes I’ve even learnt how to make my own creative books. It’s fascinating! Perhaps if you would like, I could make you one of your choice? Thankyou anyhow, such an inspiration!

  22. Jodie you are an inspiration to all of us who have illness or struggled. I think you are awesome and should rule the world!!! Seriously thank you ….. And I left my first note yesterday on a bench

  23. Jodi, I came across your website over the weekend after reading a little article about you in Red magazine. You are tremendous! What a lovelier place the world would be if there were more people like you – keep writing!!! I’m inspired – I shall leave a little note on the bus seat when going home tonight…..

  24. hello Jodi
    I am 12 years old and when i cam across this website i was truly touched! I think that you are such an amazing person and i think you are making this world a better place for all.

    Best of luck and many hugs,

  25. I heard you on Radio 2 today. You are amazing and so inspirational. I had a little cry in the car listening to all you’ve been through and all you do to make the world a little brighter for those that are suffering greatly but also those who just need a little pick me up and even the surprise for people who find your notes and weren’t expecting to. I hope that people write letters for you too, and should you need one I’d be happy to do so. When I have some spare change I will most certainly donate to your stamp fund too. I wanted to say as well as the above that you touched my heart and brightened my outlook today. Thank you so much for that. I will be looking for your book now and may even start leaving a few notes myself. Xxxx

  26. Hi Jodi
    I am three quarters way through your book and am truly inspired by you and your story. You an amazing person to have helped so many people despite having suffered so much yourself. I watched your ‘stepping back from the kerb’ an actually cried when you read the open letter. Thank you for being you and putting a smile on my face as I suffer from depression too but what you said struck a chord with me so much. Truly inspirational

  27. Dear Jodi, My girlfriend and I recently came across this wonderful thing you’re doing and well I was hoping you can write her a letter as we. Ana is special and im sure your letter will help her, she’s been fighting cancer since she was 9, she’s 17 now and she says she lost all faith. Maybe a letter from you will change her mind… I hope to hear from you Jodi

    Much Love — Kayla ❤

  28. I was so touched when I heard your story on the radio the other day and having just watched your video on the website, I think you are a very special and amazing person. Like everyone around the world that you are helping with your lovely letters, you deserve lots of love and happiness in your life. If everyone in the world reached out to people more like this the world would just be a much better place. I just want to say thank you, you are a true inspiration xxx

  29. I volunteer as tribute. If help is needed of course. It would be an amazing opportunity and it sounds like the sort of thing I would love to.

    respect to you, jodi.

    -roo, Leeds x

  30. Such a lovely, thoughtful idea! Something so simple can make such an impact on people’s lives! Great idea by a lady beautiful outside and in!

  31. Hi Jodi,
    I saw your story on Surprise, Surprise, I think you are an inspiration to people everywhere.
    Going through a tough time yourself and still finding the time to write to people to make them feel better about their hard times and sorrows that they’ve been through. You truly are amazing the amount of love and kindness that you show many people is astonishing!
    You honestly are an amazing, beautiful kind hearted person! Stay strong!

    With Love..
    Holly xx

  32. I just got your letter today and I have to say a massive big thank you, its amazing and made me feel so special. You should be so proud of everything you do and how you make people feel!!!!! your beautiful in everyway

  33. Jodie….I think you are an absolute diamond and a true angel….what you are doing to lift people’s spirits is truly amazing…I think I speak for us all “WE L❤️️VE YOU ” xxxxxxx

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