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Hi, I’m Jodi Ann Bickley, I’m 26 and I live in a tiny colourful house in Birmingham. In late 2011, I got very sick with a brain infection which lead to my brain having to work out how to do certain things again. After a few months off work I went back and expected everything to go back to normal but they didn’t. I started getting the worst headaches, dizziness, became very sensitive to noise, the most tired you could possibly be and ended up back in hospital. All the tests were done and many doctors thought it was post-encephalitic headaches which would of made a lot of sense. When it was still going on a year later, I was sent to another doctor which took a look at me and told me that what I had was M.E. M.E is a little bit of an odd duck, it’s not life threatening but is completely life altering and can make you feel a little bit crazy because many of the symptoms are pretty invisible things such as muscle weakness, severe headaches, exhaustion as well as¬†fasciculations (twitching of the muscles), clumsiness, brain fog, not being able to find words, panic attacks, inability to plan or organise, chest pain, anxiety and depression it’s a real little rollercoaster!

For the last two years I’ve sinked in and out of a major M.E crash but I’m finally learning to adapt to my illness and feel like I am in control of it instead of it being in control of me. Which is really amazing! Some crashes can last weeks, some can last months and others can last years and years and although there will probably be another right now I’m feeling really pretty lovely. Most of the time!

With all the extra time I’ve had on my hands I wanted to start something that made me feel a little alive, something that was helping others as well as myself so I started my project One Million Lovely Letters. I know in our worst moments, sometimes it only¬†takes one person to make you feel like you belong – to remind you how incredible you are and I hope that’s what I and my one million lovely letters can do.

If you would like a letter, email me at onemillionlovelyletters@gmail.com

Please include your address and why you would like one, for example:

“I’m feeling a little glum”

anything really, just why you need a little cheering up or a reminder that actually you are really lovely.


98 thoughts on “About me

  1. Inspirational stuff. As a former psych nurse – well done – you make a mockery of my former profession (and vindicate my leaving said profession) – a few well-chosen, sincere words are worth more than months on meds. You should be on prescription

    • I have always thought of doing something like this but thought people would think I was alittle crazy to reach out to strangers.i truly would love to be apart of what shes doing.

  2. Hi Jodi, you are an inspiration to us all. Your idea is truly commendable. You are a very strong and beautiful person. I admire you. Thank you from mankind!

  3. Hi Jodi,

    I just wanted to say thank you sooo much for your letter-it was so nice to read. I will be buying your book :-) I think your work is amazing, so keep going! You make the world a happier place.



  4. Hi :)
    ive just recently been introduced to you by a lovely friend of mine. Im struggling at the minute…..with work, bereavement, infertility – just life in general!!! Id love a letter if you get chance?! No worries at all if not though. Hope you are feeling “ok” lovely.
    Thank you either way :)

  5. Hi jodie I heard you on the steve wright show today wow wow wow inspirational or what love your voice you made me cry with joy such enthusiasm for life despite your problems all power to your pen loads of love mike x

  6. Hi Jodi ,
    Heard you today on Steve Wrights show. All I can say is your an amazing person. You are an inspiration to us all thank you :) x

  7. HI Jodi Im Barrie from Bolton an 18 stone 6 foot 2 builder sat in my van with tears roleing down my cheek with HAPPINESS just to know that there are people like you in the world makes it a joy to get up in the mornning Hope your ok and i was 25 years younger
    love what you are doing

    Love and Hope keeps Dreams Afloat Donn’t let rough Waters Rock your Boat !

  8. I heard you speaking on the Steve wright show , I was bowled away with your courage , Brought some tears to my eyes . I told a group of my friends actually about 20 of them. . Looking forward to reading your book. God bless shaun

  9. Hi Jodie, I heard you on Steve wright and thought you are one very special, amazing person. You have the biggest heart and inspired me and turned a gloomy day into a hopeful one. Thank you and wishing you good health xxxxxxx

  10. Jodie is a inspiration to us all!I thank her for what she did and wish her all the best in the world.she is a truly compassionate woman to be admired.look forward to the day we can begin to conversate on facebook.you have made my day a more cheerful one knowing there is someone out there who has the same feelings as me and that’s to reach out to others and make their day brighter.i always wanted to do something like you did but didn’t have the courage.you showed me the world still has a lot of amazeing people in it to reach out to.

  11. Such an inspiration. I’m not sick but a few days ago, I reached a very low point in life. I wish you well in your health.

    Thank you for having a big heart. God bless you.

  12. Hi Jodie: Being a letter writer myself and someone who has suffered with an autoimmune condition (but remained pretty upbeat despite it) I am just in awe of you! What a wonderful project to have started on and what warmth, hope, happiness and love you have brought and are bringing to so, so many people! Receiving a handwritten letter is one of the most lovely and beautiful things in the world. keep writing — you are truly a remarkable, brave and strong young woman. Thinking of you so very much. Would love to meet you one day.

  13. Hello,
    What a wonderful idea and what a way to lift the spirit of those that like you have to live their lives one day at a time.
    My 18 year old boy got diagnosed with leukemia 2 months ago and although he is got lot of support from family and his friend is always nice to hear reassuring words from some who like you is struggling to live life as best they can considering the circumstances.
    I would love a letter when if you have a chance. In the mean time may God provide you will all the love and prompt recuperation. May you always continue to be a source of hope and happiness to those in need.
    God Bless.

  14. Amazing! I don’t know how you can do it. It’s a lost art…or it soon will be…a handwritten note. God bless you, physically and in every other way for this ministry you have.

  15. Hi Jodie I just read your story and was delighted to know that you have such an open heart. 8 years ago I was at my lowest life point eventually diagnosed with bi-polar depression. Your blog would have been a great source of help to me. But as God would have it He brought a complete stranger into my life who became a sister in deed for me. Her compassionate arms became my “safe place to fall.” However knowing now about your blog God again has provided so many others with a “safe place to fall.” God bless you as you minster to so many others in need. I too understand the innate power of a written letter’s effect upon the spirit of man. Prior to my diagnosis I was a “letter writer” spreading comfort and joy to others. My prayer is that in the days to come that I will resume this passion of mine and be used of God to share His love with others. God bless you and the many to whom you will write letters to

  16. Jodi, good on you. I’ve just had your excellent approach and activities highlighted by one of the two support groups I keep up with on the internet.
    Supporting and cheering they do.
    Your example is superb.
    I’ve had severe depression (currently at least dormant) and now have severe ME/CFS, and am housebound and mostly horizontal. (My computer is set up to suit the latter)
    Time, I have. Energy, not so much.
    (So I’m still going to say what you must hear again and again: don’t overdo it. Especially when you think you are having a good day.)

    “Life is about putting smiles on other people’s faces” is a perspective I can live with and work with, derived from something said by an artist I admire.

    One thing I can’t currently do is take my model railways to exhibitions, as I used to.
    I can (slowly) make different ones to show in my kitchen window, though, which is on the street. They get some laughs and smiles and comments.
    Which is what I try for, though I bow, repeatedly, in the face of your idea and achievements.

    Hearing about you has lightened my day. Thank you.

  17. Thanks for helping not only yourself but all the other people who just need a kind word, kindness is very rare these day to come across, keep your mind open and your heart will remain in the right place…

  18. Jodi,

    What a fabulous thing you are doing! I would love to help. I am also disabled and in 2005, my only child, Ethan Nicholas, was murdered. He was only seventeen and had just been accepted to the University of Louisville, pre-med. I spent six years in bed. Then in January of 2011 I was forced to get up and move when my husband committed suicide. Thanks to the love and support of my current husband, I have stayed out of bed and for the first time in a long time, I am functional, or as functional as I can be. I have degenerative disc disease and MS, so I totally understand the chronic fatigue.
    In any case, I did not write to you to whine, I am writing to you because I would very much like to help. I understand you are getting more letters than you can handle. I have done a lot of peer grief counseling. I have a degree in psychology, but I don’t have a license to practice, so everything I do is on a peer level. I would really like to help you out with all your letter requests, but especially those regarding the death of a child, spouse or other loved one. The only living family member I have is my step-father. Both of my biological parents and my adoptive parents are dead.
    If I can help you out in any way, please contact me on my Facebook page. God bless you for what you are doing. You truly are an angel.

    Peace and love,

    Lesley Deskins

  19. Hi Jodie, Just read though your website and think it’s great. This last three years have not been too good for an really struggling to come to terms with everything, then reading your experience and how you came though it really help me. Thank you and sending you a BIG HUG. XXXXX

  20. I love what your doing and your idea is amazing! A million lovely letters is a lot and in the future maybe you can have a little community. I truly see what your doing as something that has the potential to grow and help many people! Not only the recipitants but the writers! Keep up the good work!

  21. I read your sample letter and it’s “AWESOME”!!!!
    I’m going to buy your book as well.
    You are a truly blessed and gifted person!
    Thanks for all you do for everyone!!!!
    GOD BLESS!!!!

  22. What you do is amazing, the hope im sure you inspire in people. One could only hope to achieve what you have here.

  23. You are an absolute inspiration. I am currently reading your book, amazing. You are doing something incredible. Thank you for helping so many people. You are a very special lady.
    Wishing you good health. Keep on keepin’ on :) xxx

  24. Hello, Jodi. I just really wanted to say that what you’re doing is positively fantastic and you’re amazingly beautiful – inside and out. I’ve never heard of someone with such a large heart. I think it’s wonderful how you’re so weak but you still try to take some of your grace and bestow it on average imperfect everyday people. I really hope you get healthier. Looking forward to buying your book. Cheers xx

  25. Oh you lovely, sweet, wonderful lady! Your work is so inspiring. What a blessing you are to so many. Wishing you good health and continued success. Big hugs!

  26. Hi Jodie,
    Just read your story on Kickstarter and now your webpage. This is an awesome thing you are doing. I think now days people don’t realize how special just a hand written note can be with all the phones and technology out there. Please keep up the great and very inspirational work. Hope and wish you health and to be able to continue what a great thing you started. Great job we need more great people in this world like you.

    God Bless you,
    Josh W
    South Carolina, USA

  27. Hi Jodie. Love your letters, great idea. very inspiring. Hope you are having a good day, I know how debilitating ME can be, my brother’s girlfriend has suffered from it for many years. All the best marje x

  28. I’ve just received my letter from you today. I am thrilled you sent me a letter, as things are difficult at the moment and my beloved mother in law doesn’t have long to live. So the comfort from your letter has given me the strength to continue supporting my husband and his family. Thank you so much xxx

  29. Jodie, Thank you. You are an inspirational, beautiful and creative young person. OMLL is a fantastic idea of yours brought into fruition and helping others in their daily lives. Well done!

  30. Ive just been diagnosed with M.E and am struggling to do things I would normally do your a big inspiration to me Keep doing what your doing

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